Tithing - Unity Style

"Tithing brings into the consciousness a sense of Divine Order that is manifested in one’s outer life and affairs as increased efficiency and greater prosperity.” - Charles Fillmore

"The concept of Tithing – of giving 10% of your ‘income or ‘increase to the Source of your Spiritual Good - relates back to a teaching in the Old Testament from the Book of Numbers 18:21.  When the original twelve Hebrew tribes were formed, one of the tribes was designated as a Tribe of Holy Men – the Levites - descendent's of Moses through his brother Aaron. The Levites, or Rabbis, were charged with the duties of preparing the way and the time for Worship services. Since the Levites could not perform their Spiritual duties effectively and also work to support themselves, the members of the other eleven tribes were instructed to tithe 10% of the increase in their crops or herds each year to provide for the support of their Spiritual Leaders.

The custom of Tithing remains active today for the same purpose. By Tithing to the organizations that support your spiritual good, your Spiritual Havens, Centers that you attend or go to for instruction, libraries that support your growth, and the organization that support your spiritual teacher's good and the flow of your good, you are serving as a channel of financial support to the Spiritual Leaders and organizations that support you in the same way that the 11 Tribes served as financial support for the Levites. God, of course, is the true Source of all supply for you and the spiritual organizations supporting you, however God uses people as channels of supply. When you tithe, you are acting as God’s banker, so to speak, helping to provide the needed money to operate the Spiritual Riverboat that navigates the Rivers of Life and supplies you with your good. We give a little to free our Spiritual Sharers to devote their time to helping others, which means us!

A true Tithe is always given to a Spiritual Organization (or Leader, Teacher, or Author) who serves or has served as a channel of your Good. A Tithe is different from a charitable gift. Gifts to charitable organizations are important also – we must accept our responsibility as citizens of our communities to circulate supply. But charitable organizations do not serve the same purpose for us as our Spiritual Organizations that facilitate the process of Learning. In the Biblical teaching in the Book of Numbers, the Tithe was given specifically for the support of Spiritual Leaders making it possible for them to do their work without interruption. In the teaching in the Book of Malachi – God’s instructions are to: "Bring the whole Tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in My House." In an incident in the New Testament where the Disciples thought money was being wasted that could have been given to the needy instead, Jesus reminded them that, "The poor will always be with you, but you will not always have me."

Join with us in this law of circulation. Let’s support each other in our ever expanding spiritual growth. We graciously receive the Divine flow of your financial support that allows us to continue to be here for you.

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