About Us

Welcome to Unity in the Foothills


Welcome to Unity in the Foothills

We believe that you’ve been led here by Spirit for a purpose.  It is God’s calling for us, as a ministry, to assist you in realizing what that purpose may be by offering practical, spiritual teachings that empowers abundant and meaningful living.

Our Spiritual Center was founded by Rev. Bonny Ashe and Christopher Ashe (now retired), on January 11, 2004 as a recognized pioneering ministry of the Association of Unity Churches, and is affiliated with Unity School of Christianity now collectively referred to as Unity Worldwide Ministries.  We became a full member ministry in January of 2008.  

Unity provides a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious and based on love, not fear.  We honor all paths to God and believe in making a positive difference in the world by being an affirmative example and role model.  As a result we are involved in spiritual social action and social activities whenever possible. We are inclusive and open-minded, holistic and intuitive, and encourage personal initiative and growth by addressing all areas of physical and spiritual existence.

We believe God’s guidance is available to all people, and choose listening for that guidance as our primary method of planning.  We are inviting those who feel called to become part of Unity in the Foothills to join us.  If you are seeking a stronger connection to God, inner peace, peace of mind and acceptance in a community of like-minded people then you’ve come to your spiritual home.


Your Soul is Welcome Here!