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Palm Sunday 10:30am   4/13
Good Friday 7:00pm      4/18
 Easter 10:30am             4/20

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Celebrate Easter Reality

Carolyn Swift, Spiritual Leader
4/20/14    10:30am
A garden boldly proclaims life in the midst of death. When Mary went to the tomb where Jesus had been laid to rest, she anticipated finding a corpse. But when her attention was directed to the garden outside the tomb, she met the resurrected presence of Jesus. So it is with the risen Christ of our Inner Gardens. The experience of resurrection takes place not in the tomb of our yesterdays, but in the realm of Living Ideas bursting forth right now with the glorious Truth that there is no death: there is only life everlasting.
Come celebrate this Easter Reality with us, for Christ is risen today!


April 27th, Sunday
Carolyn Swift

The Unusual Business in Business as Usual

Life can feel monotonous to us at times, but for a Metaphysical Christian, the ordinary day to day business of life is always unusual, always filled with Divine Surprise and always brimming with Infinite Possibility. When Peter and the other disciples returned to their livelihood as fishermen, they had no idea that their monotonous routine would be so delightfully interrupted. Come and join us as we witness the transformation of “business as usual” into God’s Unusual Business. What awaits us is a breakfast party on the beach!






Upcoming Events


1st and 3rd  Wednesdays
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Community Room/Youth Ed Room

Starting April 16th, we will be offering a Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible study class. This will be held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month , from 7- 9 pm. Starting with the book of Genesis and ending with the book of Revelation, we will be tracking the progression and evolution human consciousness, beginning with Adam and ending with Jesus. Bibles will be available to purchase for $3.00.

Facilitated by Carolyn Swift , it is open to everyone. Love offerings will be graciously accepted from those able to make them



Sat. April 26th
Meet up at UITF by 9am
Short walk to starting site

 Join Karla and be a part of the UITF Earth Day Clean-up team.  Help to clean up and give back to the community and our Mother Earth.  Supplies such as trash bags, snacks and water will be provided.  Kid safe areas so bring the whole family.  Contact Karla for more information or view the flyer here!              


2nd Sunday's of the Month

Pls note that Reiki Share is now the 2nd Sunday of the month starting May.  It will not be held on Sun. April 20 so that we can all celebrate Easter!

Stay after service on the 2nd Sundays to be part of a great experience at UITF.  We are hosting a Reiki Share from 12pm - 2pm in the downstairs office area.  All are welcome!  A nominal fee of $5.00 is being requested however no one will be turned away.  Whether you are a student of Reiki or a Reiki Master/Teacher, this is a perfect opportunity to practice this powerful healing modality in a loving, supportive, group setting. Namaste'
Waterbury Chorale presents
The Genius of Mozart with
Marianna Vagnini and Marissa Famiglietti 
Sun. Apr. 27th  4:00pm
St. Johns Episcopal Church, Waterbury
Marianna and Marissa are two of Unity in the Foothills guest musicians who's voices have captivated us all during service and at our featured concerts.  They will be performing together on Apr. 27th in Waterbury and wouldn't it be grand to watch them perform on another stage.  For more information, please contact Marianna or you can view the flyer here!





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