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Rev.Robert Werme,

Sunday February 22, 2015



"All for the Asking, the Seeking, and the Knocking"

What do you want?  Seems like a simple question, but how simple is the answer?

This coming Sunday, our guest minister and musician, Rev. Robert Werme, will help us explore this question, and encourage us to be bold in our pursuit of the things we long for most deeply.


Rev. Robert Werme is Music Director at the Mattatuck Unitarian Universalist Society (MUUS), and co-owner with his wife, Robin, of Sage Center for Wholeness in Woodbury, CT.  He is an ordained United Church of Christ (Congregational) minister.
Rev. Robert is a singer and multi-instrumental musician. In 1996, he was introduced to the practice of "sacred drumming", and since that time has lead rhythm circles for children, adults, seniors and persons with a variety of disabilities. During several years as a hospice chaplain, Bob brought his drum to many bedsides. Like spiritual guides of many indigenous traditions, Bob played his drum as a form of "prayer", with the intention of bridging "worlds", and mediating transitions between them. Sage Center for Wholeness currently co-sponsors a bi-weekly drum circle for all ages and skill levels, at MUUS in Woodbury, CT. He is also a certified Mentor with Boys to Men New England.







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Febr.  2015


Annual Members Mtg
Sunday 2/22nd

Immediately following service, we will reveiw 2014 and set our intentions for 2015.  Current finanical information along with proposed changes to membership requirements & board service will be discussed.  This is your Peace Center, your Spiritual Fountain so let us hear your voice, see your vision & share your insights!  

 Letter from Rev. Carolyn

Grab a cup of warmth and snuggle into the energy within the thoughts shared with us from Rev. Carolyn.


Spiritual Economics

Thurs 7pm - 9pm
Jan 15th – Mar. 5th  
An 8 week class being co- taught by Barbara Schafer and Rev Carolyn, in the sunshine room. Copies of the book by Eric Butterworth are available in the bookstore.
1st and 3rd  Wednesdays
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Community Room/Youth Ed Room
Join us for a Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible study class. This will be held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month , from 7- 9 pm. Starting with the book of Genesis and ending with the book of Revelation, we will be tracking the progression and evolution human consciousness, beginning with Adam and ending with Jesus. Bibles will be available to purchase for $3.00.
Facilitated by Carolyn Swift , it is open to everyone. Love offerings will be graciously accepted from those able to make them




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