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Every Sunday:
Transformational Prayer - 9:00am
Celebration - 10:30am

 Lord's Prayer Workshop 

Postponed until Sun. Febr 1st







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Guest Minister

Sunday Jan. 25th

UTIF Welcomes

Rev. Alicia Leslie


Reverend Alicia will be sharing a message about the erroneous information and beliefs that block the flow of good in our lives.


Reverend Alicia is a Unity minister, ordained in 1992, and has served churches in Indiana, Texas, Virginia and Connecticut.  In 2011 she retired from the traditional church and moved her ministry online.  She is also an author of children's stories and articles published by Unity Magazine and is currently writing a novel.  Look for Reverend Alicia on YouTube or visit her online at 


Upcoming Events

January 2015

The Spiritual Steering Committee
will be meeting this Sunday 1/25/15.


Lord's Prayer Workshop
Date Change 
Sunday  Febr 1st  
12:30pm - 3:30pm

Rev. Carolyn will take us on a journey titled - "The Lord's Prayer in the Master's Language". This workshop will explore the deeper layers of meaning of the "Our Father" when grasped through the lens of Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. Love offerings joyfully accepted; all proceeds go towards our beloved Peace Center.


Spiritual Economics

Thurs 7pm - 9pm
Jan 15th – Mar. 5th  

An 8 week class being co- taught by Barbara Schafer and Rev Carolyn, in the sunshine room. Copies of the book by Eric Butterworth are available in the bookstore.


1st and 3rd  Wednesdays
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Community Room/Youth Ed Room

Starting April 16th, we will be offering a Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible study class. This will be held the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month , from 7- 9 pm. Starting with the book of Genesis and ending with the book of Revelation, we will be tracking the progression and evolution human consciousness, beginning with Adam and ending with Jesus. Bibles will be available to purchase for $3.00.
Facilitated by Carolyn Swift , it is open to everyone. Love offerings will be graciously accepted from those able to make them




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Community I build community through prayer.

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